Drive through any neighborhood and you’ll probably find several homes for sale. If you’re looking for a place to live, it can be tempting to purchase an existing home. You may think it’s a better value, and easier purchase, or simply a faster way to get into a new place.

The fact is that many people who purchase an older home quickly end up with buyer’s regret, wishing they had considered new construction homes near Lake Anna instead. Here are four reasons why custom home builders Lake Anna will give you the home you really want.

Total Customization

Looking at Lake Anna custom homes, you will see plenty of features not available in older homes. Improved energy efficiency, increased use of natural light, and durable modern siding materials are just a few of the improvements available that make new homes superior to those built even just a few years ago.

Beyond that, Sacra Custom Homes the custom home builders in Lake Anna can build the exact style, layout, and functionality that you want, without the work and expense of making updates to an existing home.

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A New Home Inside and Out

When you look at a listing for an older home, you’ll likely see a mixture of dates. Phrases like “Built in 1986”, “new furnace in 2012”, “new roof in 1999” will be scattered through the advertisement. They’re meant to provide information, but they mostly create confusion.

Custom home builders Lake Anna will make it very simple for you. When you move in, you’ll know that every single component of the home was new in the year in which you built. There will be no complicated schedule to track or confusion about when things will need to be replaced.

Choice of Location

When you purchase an existing home, you are also purchasing a neighborhood, streets, traffic, and all the other variables involved with the location of the home. It is very common for people to find the home they want but not the location they want.

Lake Anna custom homes are built in the location where you want them. You can decide how and where you want to commute, what amenities are close by, and what type of other homes you want along your street. You have full freedom not just to get the house that you want but also to get it in the place that you want.

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Realistic Time Frames

You can close on an older home and get moved in quicker than you can a new home, but the difference is much smaller when you account for the extra time it will take to renovate that older home into the house you really want.

Every refinished floor, upgraded electrical component, or fresh coat of paint is another item on the list that must be completed before move-in or will have to be done while you’re living in the home. Either way, by the time you’ve completed everything you want to upgrade, the completion date will be much closer to that of new construction homes near Lake Anna.

The appeal of a house that is advertised as “move-in ready” is understandable. You may have already sold your previous home, or you’re moving to a new town and need somewhere to go right away. In some situations, an older home will work.

However, when you have the choice, we as the custom home builders in Lake Anna will always provide a better option for you. Your new custom home will be located where you want it, built the way you want it, and truly complete on move-in day.