Choosing what area or neighborhood to live in can always be one of the toughest choices. On the one hand, you want a beautiful location where you can build your dream home. On the other hand, you have to consider factors like distance from your job and the safety of the neighborhood. And when you add the requirement of a waterfront property, it gets even tougher. Luckily, Lake Anna is the perfect choice for a waterfront property, and we are the best custom home builder on Lake Anna.


If you are looking for a waterfront location not too far away from Downtown Fredericksburg and close to shopping areas, Lake Anna is a great option. Living in Lake Anna gives you the opportunity to visit Fredericksburg, Richmond, and Charlottesville since they are less than an hour away. If you are not visiting these historic cities, you can always relax at home with a view of the lake. Living in Lake Anna will provide you with the calm and peace that you need, but it will also provide the opportunity for some great times.

As a custom home builder in Lake Anna, we know that many homeowners choose Lake Anna for the view and the calmness. But they also enjoy the various activities that you can do on the lake. Fishing, jet skiing, tubing, and waterboarding are just some of the fun activities you can enjoy with your friends and family. Lake Anna also has a beautiful state park and a beach. As you can see Lake Anna is not just a beautiful location but also the perfect place to raise a family or enjoy your retirement.

kayaking on the lake

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