Let’s begin our blog post by explaining what a tram system is. A tram system is an incline elevator that can be used in steep properties. It is used in both residential and commercial properties. If you own a waterfront property that is on a hill, it can be a pain to get down to the lake and enjoy a nice day. So what can make your life easier? An incline elevator!

Tram System, Incline Elevators, Residential Tram, Waterfront Lift… it’s all the same!

Our systems are designed specifically for your property. So they are unique! We use the latest technology to ensure that your hillside elevator is safe and and reliable. We guarantee that this system will make your life easier, you will no longer have to spend a long time having to trek down to the dock. In addition, depending on your terrain it could be dangerous to be walking back and forth. And sometimes the condition of your property might not make it accessible for you to walk down to the lake.

If you are in good shape, love the outdoors, and your terrain is clear you should still consider the age factor. While you might be in good shape to walk down to your boathouse or dock, other family members might not be. And if you plan to keep this property forever, you might consider your future age. It is better to plan for the future.

It’s a Great Investment

Owning a lakeside property is already a great investment. But adding a comfortable way to get down to the lake is a great incentive to buy the property. One of our systems will add accessibility which will widen the pool of potential buyers. A tram system will definitely add re-sale value to your home!

If you are in the Lake Anna, Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, Stafford, or King George area and are interested in a tram system for your waterfront custom home or hillside property give us a call at 540-582-2397. You can also check out our Tram Systems page for more information.

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